OCUNet Policy: Anti-Virus Policy

Any student wishing to connect a personal computer running Microsoft Windows to the network must have a machine that is free of viruses and has the most recent Microsoft security patches applied. The OCU IT dept. recommends the free software Microsoft Security Essentials. For the best in Malware protection, the OCU IT dept. recommends download the free software Malwarebytes.

To download MIcrosoft Security Essentials: Click here.

To download MalwareBytes: Click here


  • Go to http://update.microsoft.com and scan for critical updates and install them.
  • The user must have recently updated anti-virus software. If no anti-virus software is loaded the user will not be able to connect to the network. 




If a student, faculty, or staff member's machine becomes infected. Please check your Anti-Virus protection software for any available updates, and proceed to scan the computer for harmful material.

If the machine still continues to be infected, please visit the IT HelpDesk for assistance.