Melvin and Laura Maxwell Library

Normal Hours of Operation

Academic Year 2013-2014

Monday-Thursday 7:30am–12:00am

Friday 7:30am–5:00pm

Saturday 12:00pm–8:00pm

Sunday 8:00pm–12:00am

The library staff is dedicated to providing students the support and resources needed for successful, scholarly university studies. We are here to field your questions, guide your research process, help with finding appropriate resources, and provide study/meeting spaces for both your individual and group activities.

Library Cards

Library cards are issued during Orientation, and throughout the year as needed. Privileges begin upon issuance, providing access to both OCU/OhioLINK physical materials and electronic resources. Library cards are valuable assets warranting the same protection given other online accounts.


Maxwell library holds approximately 65,000 books; nearly 275 newspapers, magazines and journals in print format; and more than 3,000 sound and video recordings. OCU’s membership in the OhioLINK consortium provides students with access to an additional 49.5 million physical items; 68,000 e-books; 17,000 electronic journal titles; 140 electronic research databases; millions of electronic journal articles, thousands of videos, images, and photos; and 32,000 theses and dissertations from Ohio students.

Library Catalog

OCU’s holdings are cataloged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Both OCU’s and OhioLINK’s catalogs and electronic resources are accessible at OhioLINK’s resources can also be accessed directly at

Computer Availability

The library houses 45 computers and 3 high-performance printers. Sixteen computers and 2 printers, and 24 computers and 1 printer are on the main floor and room 210, respectively.

Library Staff