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Recent Events at Maxwell Library

Nearly 30 People Gathered for Professor Mershimer's Poetry Read!

Professor Mershimer wowed nearly 30 onlookers with a heavy rap delivery of "Trash Talking Preacher," before tagging a student in the audience, who then became the subject of the next Hip Hop rift. Reminiscent of the ancient oral tradition, where names and verses are swapped in and out to reflect the denizens and local scene, our poet eventually settled down into a still exuberant performance focused on Jesus. Look for video here, on OCU's main website and on the library monitor soon!



This event has been uploaded to YouTube! Click here to watch the six-part series.


Preacher, Poet, Adam Hughes Returns for National Poetry Month 


OCU graduate Adam Hughes returned to the university on 4/10/12 for the library's second annual celebration of National Poetry Month. Adam’s debut collection Petrichor is stellar. This year's poems, from his forthcoming Uttering the Holy, are no less brilliant with striking imagery of smiling constellations, singing stars and clouds forming as the dust bunnies under God's bed.


This event has been uploaded to YouTube! Click here to watch this four-part series.


Early Church Martyrs: The Women


In a stunning celebration of National Women’s History Month, OCU staff member Chris Zimmerman conceived the drama, developed the dialogue, cast the players, and narrated Early Church Martyrs: The Women expressly for performances at Maxwell Library.


Angie Amy, Anastasia Beavers, Anita Conkel, Jessica Murphy, Katie Smith, and Krista Stonerock gave compelling enactments of martyred women ranging in station from slave girl to Roman noblewoman. Jake Marburger provided the opening Scripture. This session has been loaded into a five part series onto Youtube!

Christian Author Zack Wall Presented at Maxwell Library on March 1st


Former student Zack Wall presented his first published novel, Inceptum in the setting where it all began, OCU.


Zack is passionate about writing. That passion, happy to say, was fostered here at OCU, taking hold as a 2-page creative writing assignment, which evolved into 15 pages, and ultimately a novel.


In Inceptum, Zack artfully incorporates themes from Genesis and Revelation, with an intriguing Creation back story all his own. Attendees witnessed first hand why people are calling it not only fascinating and exciting, but also beautiful and “God honoring.”


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