AA in Worship Leadership

The Associate of Arts degree in Worship Leadership is designed for students with the gifts and calling to serve in the worship ministries of a local church. The program helps ground students in biblical understanding of the roles worship plays in a healthy church, nurture in them an evident commitment to spiritual life, and orient them to servant leadership through music. It is structured to introduce students to knowledge and skills that support worship ministry, with a particular emphasis on musical skills.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an evident and attractive Christian witness.
  • Communicate an increased understanding of the biblical foundations for spiritual life and worship ministry.
  • Demonstrate musical and leadership abilities requisite for worship ministry.


Technology in the Church
Introduction to Mathematical Systems or: Other Mathematics Elective - 3 hours
Principles of Physical Science and Laboratory or: Other Science Elective with Lab - 4 hours
English Composition I
English Composition II
Basic Oral Communication or: Preaching I
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Survey of Music History I or: Church History Elective
Student Success
Introduction to Sociology
General Psychology

RELIGION - 7 Credits

Personal Evangelism
Bible Study Methods
Basic Christian Beliefs or: Systematic Theology I

MAJOR - 16 Credits

Worship Leadership Forum (listed below) is required each semester.
Music Theory I
Sight-Singing and Ear Training I
Worship Keyboard or: Worship Guitar
Introduction to Worship Ministry
Biblical Theology of Worship
Worship Ensemble Practicum
Worship Planning Practicum or: Worship Technology Practicum
Worship Leadership Forum

Applied Studies

Two (2) hours of applied studies are required. This requirement must be completed through MU171 Applied Voice I, MU191 Applied Piano I, or Applied Instrument(s), such as guitar, trumpet, clarinet, etc.
Applied Voice I or: Applied Piano I or: Applied Instrument I (100 Level)


Two (2) hours of ensemble are required. This requirement must be completed through MU109 OCU Chorale or MU140 University Band.
OCU Chorale or: University Band