BA in Music Education - Vocal/Choral Concentration


Educational Technology
Introduction to Mathematical Systems or: Other Mathematics Elective - 3 hours
Principles of Physical Science and Laboratory or: Other Science Elective with Lab - 4 hours
English Composition I
English Composition II
Basic Oral Communication
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Introduction to Philosophy or: Literature Elective - 3 hours
Philosophy of Christian School Education
Survey of Music History I
Student Success
Introduction to Sociology
General Psychology

RELIGION - 18 Credits

Bible Study Methods
Personal Evangelism
Basic Christian Beliefs
Theology Capstone
Introduction to Christian Missions


(NOTE: While listed as a required course below, Music Fundamentals may be waived if a passing score is earned on the Theory Placement Test).
Music Fundamentals
Survey of Music History II
Survey of Music History III
Music Theory I
Music Theory II
Music Theory III
Music Theory IV
Sight-Singing and Ear Training I
Sight-Singing and Ear Training II
Sight-Singing and Ear Training III
Sight-Singing and Ear Training IV
Fundamentals of Conducting
Choral Conducting
Vocal Diction
Introduction to Instrumental Music
Keyboard Harmony
Integrated Studies for Teachers
Study in the Foundations of Teaching
Curriculum/Methods - Elementary Music
Curriculum/Methods - Secondary Choral Music
Educational Psychology
Recital Capstone Project
Clinical Experience

Applied Voice

Four (4) credits of MU191 Applied Voice I and Six (6) credits of MU291 Applied Voice II are required.
Applied Voice I
Applied Voice II

Applied Piano

Three (3) credits of MU171 Applied Piano I are required, following successful completion of the Piano Proficiency Exam.
Applied Piano I

Choral Ensemble

Seven (7) credits of Choral Ensemble are required. These credits can be completed by participation in either MU109 OCU Chorale or MU119 Chamber Singers.
OCU Chorale or: Chamber Singers


Seven (7) semesters of MU199 Recital are required.