Student Development

At Ohio Christian University, we know college life extends far beyond the classroom. The Student Services department at OCU seeks to complete your college experience by providing opportunities for you to grow spiritually, develop lasting friendships, and participate in activities where you can apply what you are learning in the classroom. While the OCU community is one of diversity, with students coming from over 20 denominations and all over the globe, it is also a community of shared values and common goals. When you come to Ohio Christian University, you will find a family with your best interests in mind. For spiritual growth, there are chapel services, Bible studies, and faculty and staff members who pray for you. For opportunities to lead or serve there are a variety of ministries, and organizations. For fun and fellowship there is the student center, Frisbee golf, and intramural athletics. 

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Offices & Departments

Athletics - The Athletic Department is designed to ensure Christian based inter-collegiate athletic competition and invest specifically in student-athlete spiritual development, athletic performance, and leadership development. Providing athletic entertainment for both the student body and outside community enables athletes to expand the influence of the campus into surrounding areas. The department is overseen by the Director of Athletics and Conference Services.

Career Services - Career Services at Ohio Christian University is a Brand-New program we are excited to launch! Please check back shortly for updates towards this program!

Spiritual Formation - Spiritual Formation Dept. encompasses everything from chapel services and small groups, to community service projects and collaboration with University Church. The department is administrated by the Director of Spiritual Formation. Below are areas that fall under this department.

  • Chapel (Spiritual Formation Credits)
  • University Church (Facebook)
  • Small Groups
  • Christian Service

Student Life - Student Life Dept. organizes all of the campus life programming to holistically develop students through community involvement, relationship building, and personal growth for adulthood. The department is administrated by the Director of Student Life.

Student Success - Student Success Dept. is designed to enable students to succeed academically and socially through tutoring and mentorship. As students utilize this department they also begin to prepare their professional portfolio for job opportunities and career development.

The Bridge Tutoring Center - Tutoring/Academic Coaching