AA in Pre-Nursing

This program includes foundational courses in general education and religion that prepares students to enter nursing programs at other institutions that award either an associate of arts or bachelor of arts degree in nursing and to become a Registered Nurse. Students who have not completed high school Biology, Chemistry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry with the grade of C or above may require additional courses (e.g., Intro to Biology, Intermediate Algebra, and General Chemistry) to obtain entry into a nursing program.

Completion of the Pre-Nursing AA program at Ohio Christian University does not guarantee a student admission to a nursing program at another institution. Students may need to complete additional requirements in order to matriculate in some nursing programs.


Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate general knowledge and application of Biblical and theological issues and principles.
  • Desire to pursue and complete an Associate or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program at an accredited college of nursing.
  • Have sufficient understanding of the scientific and health information required in standard nursing programs to be able to pursue successfully an Associate or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking, good communication, and collaborative learning skills as a member of the health profession.


Organic Chemistry
Statistics & Analysis
Microbiology & Immunology
English Composition I
English Composition II
Basic Oral Communication
Student Success
Introduction to Sociology
General Psychology
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Western Civilization I: Ancient Age through Medieval Age or: United States History I: 1492 – 1877 United States History II: 1877-Present

RELIGION - 7 Credits

Bible Study Methods
Basic Christian Beliefs
Personal Evangelism

MAJOR - 14 Credits

Human Anatomy and Physiology I
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
Life Span Psychology
Cultural Anthropology