Registration Resources

This page is created with Residential Program Advisors in mind, but students may find these resources helpful too. Please contact us if we can help you with anything here.

Thank you, Advisors! 

You are the heart of the the registration process. Please let us know how we can make this resource more useful to you.



Downloadable Files

Advisor Guides

Advisor Resources
Guide to SONIS Registration
How to find the Transfer Evaluation
Student Guides
Registration Steps
Entering Courses in SONIS
Registration FAQ Sheet

Answers to some of the common questions we get from Advisors.

How to use the SONIS Advisor's Module during your advising session. A graphic tutorial.

Courses eligible for transfer that don't fit the student's degree program are not entered in SONIS. Look for these courses in the student's records on your advising screen - this document describes where to look.

Word Document - List of Dates + CalendarCalendar

Advisor's Guide for General Education Courses - Help your students get the right Gen Ed courses.

Prior Learning Assessment - Advisor Guide. What to do for students who might be able to earn credit for prior learning.

The latest guide for helping your students plan their Religion Course sequence.

This may help students with hard-to-resolve Chapel conflicts, but please warn them: In spite of all the flexible opportunities for credit, making time to attend these events is very difficult, based on feedback from students who have tried this option in the past.

AGS & Trailblazer Courses 

Use these resources to register for AGS courses

  1. AGS Course Equivalency List - Find a course that will substitute for the course you need 
  2. AGS Online Courses - Find the list that matches the student's current semester. It will provide information you need for the form - course number, cohort and start date in this document 
  3. AGS Course Registration for Residential Undergrad [Traditional] Students

Use this list to find beginning dates, ending dates, and cohort to help you register for AGS online courses.

Contact the Registrar's office if you need additional information.

To submit your forms:

To text or email, sign your request before sending. If you text, be sure the image is easy to read.

Trailblazer Online Courses

If you have a student who needs an online class because of schedule issues, you may request permission for them to take one of these courses. Students can't add the class themselves due to space issues. Email to check for availability and register if there is an opening.