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Student Success

Ohio Christian University offers tools for success, including academic coaching, writing and subject-based tutoring, and study tables.   These services deal primarily with students at the Circleville Campus.  If you are primarily an online student, please visit here.


We offer the following comprehensive and individualized support services: 

The Bridge Tutoring Center

The Bridge Tutoring Center is located on the first floor and east hallway of the Maxwell Library. We offer scheduled appointments for academic coaching, one-on-one tutoring, and study tables. 

John and Sherry Taylor Math Lab

The John and Sherry Taylor Math Lab is located on the first floor and east hallway of the Maxwell Library. We offer both walk-in and scheduled appointments for math tutoring.  Devoted to the students of Ohio Christian, John and Sherry Taylor dedicated their lives to help OCU students succeed in all areas but were extremely passionate about math literacy and success. The Math Lab was created by Sherry Taylor while she was Director of the Bridge in 2016. The John and Sherry Taylor Math Lab provides you with all of your quantitative and qualitative math-based courses.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in Maxwell Library in the east hallway room (ML101). We offer one-on-one writing consultations for all stages of the writing process. 


All of the services that are offered are provided free of charge to students on our main campus. For Online and Adult Graduate Students, contact Student Success via email at